SN Brussels Reschedules Flights to Liberia Over Poor Runway Lighting


Monrovia – Brussels Airlines has changed its SN241/01FEB flight schedule due to poor lighting on the runway at the Roberts International Airport.

Report by Al-Varney Rogers – [email protected]

“We regret to inform you that we are forced to adapt the schedule of your flight SN241/01FEB due to runway lights failure at Monrovia your flight will now operate as sn1241/01FEB, leaving Brussels at 10:35 and arriving Monrovia at 16:10 we apologize for this inconvenience outside our control. Thank you for flying Brussels Airlines,” Brussels Airlines said in an SMS sent out to its passengers.

The Liberia Airport Authority has termed as technical fault the poor lighting on the runway.

Early this week, the Liberia Airport Authority dispelled media reports that Brussels could not land due to poor lighting but the message by the airline shows change its flight schedule proof due to poor lighting on the runway that may pose some danger to flights landing.

Liberia Airport Authority termed the report as untrue and far from the actual facts that SN Brussels could not land due to poor lighting at the Robert International Airport.

“Liberia Airport Authority  would like to clarify to the general public that contrary to media reports that there are serious issues with the Runway and Power outage at the Roberts International Airport, causing the cancellation of SN Brussels and other commercial flights, that these reports are untrue and far from the actual facts,” LAA said in a release Monday.

LAA release further noted that problem with the Runway lighting system was as a result of technical fault.

“There was a technical glitch with the Runway Lighting system, of which our airline operators had prior notice and informed through our “Notice To Airmen” (NOTAM) promulgation network,”

In defense the LAA continued that such problem is not unique to Liberia adding that it is common in such field.

“It is noteworthy that in an environment such as ours, these technical faults and glitches are common not only in Liberia, but within the sub-region and airports around the world.”

The current Runway Rehabilitation Project includes the Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) systems will provide a long term solution and replace the current system that is over 30 years old.