Margibi District #1 Representative Tarponweh Inspires Smythe’s Graduates to Make the Difference


Margibi County –  The Chairperson of the Margibi County Legislative Caucus, Representative Tibelrosa Summon Tarponweh has urged graduates of the Smythe Institute of Management and Technology to use their education to positively impact their society which he said, has been “characterized by deception, hatred, injustice and corruption”.

Representative Tarponweh said the acquisition of knowledge must serve as a launch pad to national development; noting that improving the educational sector strengthens the outcome.

The Margibi County District one lawmaker made these remarks on Saturday when he delivered the commencement massage at the 18th Commencement Convocation of the Smythe Institute of Management and Technology. He and spoke on the topic, “What Does Liberia Gain from Your Achievement?”

The Margibi County Lawmaker used the occasion to call on the graduates to not repeat the mistakes of the past but serve as agents of change to fight corruption, poverty and illiteracy.

“That is why you are called to action, as you join the Black-Gown Club, to be light in darkness and a defender of selfless service. The fact is, since by choice you have obtained this level of education, you have made yourselves leaders. It should then be easy to understand why those who know must lead those who do not know”, Representative Tarponweh urged.

Continuing he said: “Today, our graduates, you are builders of nation and great employers in waiting. You are well equipped with sound moral and academic weapons to fight forces of corruption, poverty and illiteracy. You are the pillars on which beautiful edifices will be built. It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given that separates one person from another”.

Applauding the graduates for their achievement, the Margibi Lawmaker called on them to make use of every opportunity that comes in the building process of their country Liberia. He called on the graduates not to sit and join the chorus of the usual criticism of governments or cheerleaders.

“The leaders that you are must be demonstrated by action to advance the priority of nation-building. Let me cry on you not to repeat the unethical behavior of this generation where you cannot distinguish between professionals and non-professionals.”

He encouraged the students to keep persevering and increase the percentage of their endurance.

“Never despair, never neglect, never deny and never defeat yourselves of what may seem impossible by others. Keep persevering; increase the percentage of your endurance because the outside world is far from being in a classroom. I do not regret being this statement because at age 175, Liberia has been let down by educated people who came before you: greedy, arrogant, selfish and betrayal of the public trust.”

Representative Tarponweh lauded the founders of the institution for working hard so that their dreams of providing tertiary education are realized.