Local Liberian Musician Barsee Mocopala Signs L$1M Deal With Dayee Records


Monrovia – In an effort to develop and improve young talents in the entertainment industry of Liberia, Dayee Records has signed a four-year record deal valued at L$1million with local artist Barsee Mocopala who goes by the stage name Papi Elephant.

Both Dayee Records and Barsee Mocopala  signed the deal over the weekend in Monrovia which is the first big deal by the record for a local artist.

Sensational Trapco artist Barsee the Elephant is  now legally signed to the  Record Label hi will oversee all of his recordings and promotions internationally and lically.

The rapper consider the deal as his second coming .

“Extremely excited for this new record deal. This means a whole lot to me, my family and the kraky people that support my music. It’s officially sealed and done as I take another step into a new family,”

“Much respect to my manager, Edwin Olu Bestman, my personal DJ, Snapback, Blogger Mich Mich of NKT Bloggerz and my personal photographer Marcelo. We did this together as a team. Many thanks and appreciation Gaza dem.

According to Mocopala the four years deal with Dayee’s Records will unleash the Elephant versatility, strength and power.

He said “the rebranding is over. This is the second coming of the Krykay Elephant. It’s going to be contagious,”

Dayee Records is  an independent records label based in Minnesota (USA) / Liberia. Owner/Founder/CEO Richard Dayee (AKA Daddi Rich) founded Dayee Record in 2009 because of his passion to help aspiring local artistes. His passion was so strong that he started this and is determined to make a difference in the lives of young musicians.

Dayee Records is a Liberian music company & service provider set up to create, acquire, license & monetize Liberian music globally.

Speaking during the official CEO of Dayee Records Richard Dayee thanked Barsee for e patient in agreeing such deal.

Mr. Dayee who is popularly known as Daddi Rich disclosed that the signed on bonus of one million Liberian dollars given to the artist is for him to start up and get cloths and other things that will represent the record label.

“After this signing ceremony all his recordings and promotion will be on Dayee Records,,

“On behalf of Dayee Records and my family I present this signing bonus of one million Liberian dollars to Barsee to say welcome to Dayee records this is your new family,” the CEO said.

According to Daddi Rich the signing of Barsee is a new beginning in taking Liberian musical to another level.

He disclosed that as part of their deal with Movopala, his songs will be on every platform as their way of promoting the local artist works.

Giving the Mission statement of Dayee Records it’s General Manager Fallah Briama Over 90% of Liberian artists are independent / not signed to any music Label. In comparison, 67% of artists in African, Europe and America are signed to record labels.

He asserted that  Dayee Records model is to act as a label and also licence, invest, develop and distribute music and collect payments for artists IP income globally.

Operated by its chief executive officer (CEO), Mr. Dell Davies, BAM was established in January of 2021. The company also has a clothing line based in New York, the United States of America, that is popular mainly withi the Liberian community.Speaking at the official presentation and signing ceremony on behalf of CEO Davies, BAM Local Manager, Arnold W.D. Lablah said the record label is familiar with the artist, and the company also has the expertise, abilities, industry contacts and resources to work with the artist in .Over 90% of Liberian artists are independent / not signed to any music Label. In comparison, 67% of artists in African, Europe and America are signed to record labels. The Dayee Records The company CEO is Dj Daddy Rich. Liberian-born global is set to and ready to deliver annually global listeners, amassing over 1 billion streams. Dayee Records team has unique insight into the Liberian music and understands the music culture which gives a huge advantage over the big international labels who do not have the required local insight and relationships both in the industry and the regulatory level. With the global music culture shifting, representing, and developing artists is a matter of trust and which requires a non-traditional model of music investment. Dayee Records is a company built by a Dj and an artist with an artist-first mindset which has helped build models that defy the current label operations culture including non-ownership of masters, earnings advance model and earnings transparency which is very important to Liberian Artists and building trust.The Global Annual 2020 annual digital revenue from African music is estimated to be $120 million and is forecast to grow at 13% CAGR annually. Dayee Records will join this growth and bring Liberian music to the world.

“Dayee Records will help artist monetize their work, and also sign distribution deals for independent artists. Get on board, we are a truly dedicated label that will get your music heard,” Braima said.