Liberia: Presidential Aide Sekou Kalasco Damaro Purchases Parcel of Land for Construction of Church


MONROVIA – As part of an effort to promote religious tolerance and unity among Liberians, President Weah’s Special Aide, Mr. Sekou Kalasco Damaro, despite being a Muslim, has demonstrated rare interest in religious balance, as he turned over a plot of land earlier purchased by him for the construction of the Redemption Praise Chapel Ministry in Banjor.

Report by Francis G. Boayue

Mr. Damaro, being born and raised as a Muslim, on Sunday, July 31, turnover the land deed of one lot of land purchased by him to the leadership of the Redemption Praise Chapel for the building of the church’s own edifice in Lower Banjor, Montserrado.

The Presidential Aide who acknowledged the presence of God said: “I’m one person that believes in God despite my religion being Islam, but I believe that all humans were made in the image and likeness of God and we human believe that have segregated everything but I still believe that we will all die one day and there will be a day of judgment where our deeds and life we lived will be counted,” he said.

Mr. Damaro said he received an invitation to worship with the church on one occasion and while in service he got touched by the Pastor of the Redemption Praise Chapel’s request to help in the renovation process of the edifice.

“I was asked by the church to assist with their renovation and I saw it as a joy and accepted with gladness because anything that has to do with God I’m always involved whether being a Muslim or Christian,” he said.

“Initially I promised to renovate the church but later the pastor called me and said the current location of the edifice doesn’t belong to the church so he asked whether I could help in the process of the church purchasing their own land of which I accepted to do just that.”

“Glory be to God today as I’ve come to officially turn over the document of the land that we have purchased for the church… So, I don’t see religion, all I see is my interaction with my fellow human being, and one thing I know is that when you have a church and preach the word of God it helps mold the minds of people for people to live in peace and harmony as brother and sister and it doesn’t matter our religion but what matter is peace and harmony as a people,” he added.

Pastor James Morris of the Redemption Chapel, for his part, offer prayers and expressed joy, and lauded the president’s aide for his swift intervention after they have written Christian brothers and sisters for almost twelve years to raise money to buy land.

“Twelve years we have been writing people that we know in the district to help us but to no avail, but today we are grateful to Hon. Kalasco who isn’t a Christian but has purchased land for us to worship freely,” he said.