Liberia: Cabinet Retreat in Ganta Should Bring the Best Out for Liberians


PRESIDENT GEORGE WEAH is expected to preside over a cabinet retreat that starts today, Monday, July 11 in the city of Gompa, Nimba County.

THE RETREAT is aimed at giving government functionaries an opportunity to re-evaluate their performances, and project into the remaining months of the President’s first six-year term.

WITH BARELY 16 months to the next presidential election, one can’t but expect a total flight of governance in line with traditional power politics and the associated distractions. 

PRESIDENT WEAH could task members of his cabinet to “step-up and double” their efforts towards the total delivery of his regime’s targets,  namely security, economy and anti-corruption. 


FOR MOST LIBERIANS, the overall assessment of the government has been a mixed bag of blessings, disappointments and unfulfilled expectations, while the administration has given itself a pat on the back for infrastructural development projects, and resilience of the economy.

POOR OR DELAYED implementation of government policies are usually the subject of the matter amid reports of a potential one-billion-dollar investment which is poised to be the biggest in the mining sector in West Africa.

THERE ARE REPORTS that such huge investment is facing a crisis here in Liberia and the Liberian government, and the legislature all have a hand in this – probably for the ultimate good of the state, or perhaps, for self-benefits.

GOOD GOVERNANCE comes with many barometers and straying from the set path comes with much grief for the country as a whole. So those attending the retreat should do so with the knowledge that they hold the key to this country’s future.

LEADERSHIP is a calling that needs commitment, not sitting behind big desks and basking in the limelight. 

THIS COUNTRY has no shortage of young bright minds, it is just that they are sometimes distracted, so frequent national meetings like the retreat serves to whip them back in line before they go astray.