Liberia: On Unity Party’s Election Loss in Lofa, Why Enter an Election Amid Distrust Over the Referee?


The Editor,

One may want to dismiss it but it is a matter that deserves serious attention. The  (Unity Party (UP)’s lost in Lofa senatorial should bring the leadership of the party to ask itself some serious questions.

The first question would be who made the decision to contest an election when you have no confidence in the referee?The second question : Lofa almost went to war to get that seat filled. When given the opportunity, they chose the person they wanted. Someone failed to appreciate the situation and dropped the ball. Cllr Jallah is as good as anyone to be Lofa senator. But with the political godfather campaigning against him with all the collaboration, he shouldn’t have come even close to winning.

What happened to the UP machine? Will this same campaign team run the national campaign  in 2023? This is one election it should have won.

Has UP grown out of the 2017 pit? Nefarious Ghosts lurking in the dark.  There might be a need to clean the closets.

My friend said, be careful who sell your soul to. 

ANC Alex Cummings delivered  a speech that called  for reconciliation. Courageous. He said “they“ (politicians) must put their differences aside and unite for the good of the country. He said only through unity they can defeat H.E. Dr. Dr. Rev(?) George M. Weah.

Reconciliation. Maybe. A  united ticket?  That would be a tall order. Lot of blood was spilled in courts and in the media. We are found of “let bygones be bygones.” Wsweep everything under the mat. We did it until things blew in our faces. 1979. 1980. 1984. 1985. 1989. 1996. 2003. Reconciliation is not an event, it is a process. It will take lots of baby steps to restore the broken confidence. Pursuing the same goal does not imply following the same path.

But GMW has challenges of his own. With an educated electorate, he would be gone, long before  the first ballot is cast. But as Lofa has shown us, anything is possible.  Weah has a lot to explsin. Too many  to list. Billions. Millions. Disappearing in thin air. Corrupt officials indicted by state integrity agencies still working in government.

How can GMW ever convince anyone that he won any election when he maintains in office an indicted Chair person.

I feel like asking this question: Have you no shame? Take public funds and distribute it to your family and friends? Have you no honor or integrity?

“Others did worse before us“ is not an adequate response as you promised hope and change. .. not to make things worse.”

Kleptocracy is a systemic phenomenon. Everyone steals. For food. For fun. Or because of the  virus – “kleptomania- Who can steal more…

She said it: It’s our time to chop.  You Chop I Chop CIC…

Eid Mubarak to all.

May Allah Almighty accept our prayers and Duaws with peace, good health and prosperity for all humanity. Rights and  Rice for Liberia.

Dr. Abdoulaye Dukule, [email protected]