The Standard By Which The Public Will Judge You Will Always Be Different – An Open Letter To Senator Dillon


Dear Senator Abe Darius Dillon,

Do not get weary when the public scrutinizes your every move, especially as it relates to your activities in the Senate.

You see, before you went to the Senate, the majority of Liberians had given up on the entire Legislature and held the opinion that nothing good can come out of there. The majority of lawmakers were deemed corrupt and not acting in the sole interest of the Liberian people.

Senator Dillon, please go back and review the voting results that took you to the Senate. It’s overwhelming. You gave not the people of Montserrado County HOPE that CHANGE was coming to the Legislature.

Senator Dillon, you become the yardstick by which integrity and performance were measured at the Capitol. For some, you are still that yardstick.

It is not strange and unusual any longer when some lawmakers are involved in activities unbefitting of their offices, but it becomes heartbreaking for so many Liberians when it is established that you, Senator Dillon, are involved in similar activities.

You promised to be the light and the people believed you and they still hold you by that standard.

Senator Dillon, it really does not matter what people say about you or accuse you of; what matters is that none of it should be true and there should be no room for doubt. Therefore, I see no reason why you or your followers would sometimes take these criticisms so personally.

Senator Dillon, I must admit, you’ve lost some of your grounds, but you still stand the chance to regain the full admiration of the people of Montserrado County. Your campaign did not project you as a regular politician. Those who believed in you saw you as the man of the people, not a man of a political party or a political interest.

It is time for you to revisit the people and listen to them. Allow them to evaluate you and readjust yourself to the Dillon they know.

And remember, they will always judge you by a different standard.

A two cents from an old media friend.

PS: It’s been over a year since I received a call from you. I’m expecting one soon.

Best regards,

Lennart Dodoo