Liberia: Court Subpoena Police Investigator In EPS Agent Alleged Murder Case


Monrovia – Monrovia City Court on Tuesday, August 9, subpoenaed the Chief Investigator of the Liberia National Police, Raphael Wilson, to testify to the charge sheet before it in the ongoing alleged murder trial linking former EPS Agent, Patrick Kollie.

The court’s decision followed a request from the state prosecutor to allow Inspector Wilson to attest to the charge sheet presented in the proceeding.

Inspector Wilson is expected to appear on Monday, August 15 to testify to the legitimacy of the charge sheet.

The decision follows the third witness appearance on Thursday, August 5.

Witness Martu Gray has been the third prosecution witness to give information to the court that conflict with what she started in the police Charge Sheet.

In her testimony to the court, Madam Gray noted that there was a crowd running towards her, the deceased, Valentine Johnson, and two others, riding a bike when the arm mistakenly shot out.

She said Defendant Patrick Kollie was never seen pulling a trigger of his assigned arm to shoot Victim Johnson, and that the victim was shockingly seen falling off the bike while he was riding them.

However, the police charge sheet quoted Madam Gray as saying, there was a crowd ahead of them, involved with chaos, but they still drove towards the scene, but later observed that victim Johnson was hit by a bullet.

Witness Gray, however, told the court that she was in a good state of mind when she went to the Liberia National Police Headquarters but was not in a good state of mind during her explanation to the court.

Defendant Kollie has since regretted the incident and expressed his sympathy to the family for the incident.

Kollie has maintained that he was attacked by a gang of criminals at the Police Academy Junction, who intended to disarm him, when the trigger of his arm was mistakenly pulled off, resulting in the death of Valentine Johnson.

FrontPageAfrica has gathered that following the incident involving Agent Kollie, two other officers of the Executive Protection Service have also been attacked by criminals.

They recently involved Special Agent Charles Wilson and Agent Claudius Pennon.

Agent Wilson was reported attacked by criminal gangs when a motorcyclist carrying him intentionally stop at the hangout, where it was surrounded by the ‘Zogos’ who demanded money and values from him.

In the Police Charge Sheet from the Careyburg Depot in Lower Montserrado, Agent Wilson complained that the gang had placed a weapon at his neck and later attempted to disarm him, after noticing that he had an arm on him.

“I had to give a signal in a safe zone, which made some runaway, but one of them acted brave and came me with cutlass and scissor, stating that nothing is in the gun again and it just scares tactics,” Agent Wilson noted.

The alleged criminal was however arrested by Agent Wilson and turned over to the Police.

He was charged with the commissioning of the Crime Robbery and forwarded to the Careysburg Magisterial Court on Monday, August 9.

Defendant Emmanuel Qwujue has however appeared in court, but was pronounced guilty of a crime and has been sent to prison for three weeks.

Agent Claudius Pennon was in the same way attacked in the Tusa Field area in Gainesville and was injured by criminals.

Police are still investigating the incident involving an attack on Agent Pennon.