Liberia: Getting The Point From The Lofa Election


The Lofa Senatorial election has ended but the Point to learn from the election has not been learned. From listening to and reading of the media reports on the election, it is clear that the Point has been missed. What is the Point that has been missed? The point that has been missed is the Point about the UNFAIRNESS of the electoral system in Liberia. It is not possible to have any FAIR election when the electoral system is UNFAIR!!!

By Togba-Nah Tipoteh, [email protected], Contributing Writer

In the examination of the electoral system in Liberia, it is clear that this electoral system is UNFAIR. Any UNFAIR system can not produce a FAIR outcome!!! The electoral system in Liberia is operated by the National Elections Commission (NEC) of Liberia. Like any election in Liberia, the Senatorial election in Lofa was supervised by the NEC. The electoral system in Liberia operates UNFAIRLY because NEC supervises elections in ways that violate the Constitution of Liberia, the Supreme Law of Liberia.

The NEC violates the Constitution of Liberia by (1) allowing Liberians to become candidates without following the legal citizenship requirement;  2) allowing foreigners to vote in Liberia; (3) allowing Liberians to vote illegally, as seen in their crossing of County Borders; (4) allowing the payment of money to voters to vote; (5) allowing the top prioritization of the voter registration card; (6) allowing the non-prioritization of the voter registration roll; (7) allowing the use of the uncleaned voter registration roll; (8) allowing the use of flawed voter registration machines, rendering the checks and balances of voting impossible; (9) allowing the non-vetting of NEC representatives at NEC voting centers; (10) allowing NEC to by-pass the regulations of the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission (PPCC), and (11) allowing the announcing of election results but not proceeding with the confirmation of the elected candidate.

Not a single national religious, political, civil society, business. media or government leader has expressed any concern about the violation of the Constitution of Liberia by NEC. These leaders wait until election results are announced by NEC to challenge, respectively, the arithmatic, the security, the ballot stuffing and the voter-busing. These leaders are full of talk and they do not Walk The Talk, the Talk of the FAIRNESS of the electoral system.

So, how does Liberia get leaders who will Walk The Talk? Liberia will get leaders who will Walk The Talk when people who love Liberia spread knowledge to raise awareness through the Rule of Law in ways that motivate people to work together to transform the UNFAIR electoral system into the FAIR electoral system. It is only through a FAIR electoral system that good leaders will be elected to Walk The Talk of Justice for All, the indispensable ingredient for Peace and Progress in any society.