Civil Society Council Chairperson Rallies Support for Liberia’s Bicentennial Celebration


Monrovia – The Chairperson of the National Civil Society Council of Liberia (NCSCL), Loretta Pope Kai has called on all CSOs in Liberia to join the Bicentennial celebration which kicks of this Friday, January 7. In reference to Liberia’s formation by the American Colonization Society (ACS) 200 years ago, Mrs. Pope-Kai said: “Civil Society gave birth to Liberia!  She is the foundation around which, however controversial, Liberia would have her free black fore fathers shipped to the shores of the newly found land of the free on the shores of West Africa. ACS as a civil society group in the US made that history possible.”

She said the phrase in the theme of the event, “Liberia: The Land of Return…” exudes to her a very sacred and solemn sense of community and identity as well as patriotism and tribalism. She added, “It exudes to me a strong sense of the Liberian community; the Liberian identity; the Liberian patriots; and the Liberian tribe. I believe this emotive experience is necessary because we often debate, intellectualize, and politicize the issues. This means, Liberia is more in our heads than in our hearts! This year’s Bicentennial celebration calls for our individual and collective involvement.

The NCSC National Chairperson made the comments in a special remarks she delivered at MICAT’s special Bicentennial press briefing at the Ministerial Complex on Tuesday.

She said Civil Society has been that woven fabric of a great nation 200 years old and was happy to share the space in telling their story.

“It is in this light I would like to call upon all civil society organizations in Liberia, including national NGOs, community-based and faith-based organizations, Women groups, Youth groups as well as other forms of non-governmental and non-for-profit establishments to fully participate in the celebration of the Bicentennial celebration.”

She continued: “The role of the civil society of Liberia is crucial in ensuring not just a successful Bicentennial celebration but in assisting to translate the objectives of the celebration into concrete results. Beyond the celebration, CSOs can play a crucial role in integrating the thematic value chains and objectives of this celebration in the civic programs and activities. All of us have a strong stake and interest in the development of Liberia. The stake of civil society in the development and recovery processes of Liberia is high. Therefore, much depends on our participation in this Bicentennial Celebration.  Let’s do this …Yes it is for the good of the nation to promote peace and reconciliation.

The Liberia Government, along with members of the diaspora community is celebrating the 200 years of Liberian formation by the United States Government through a Non-Governmental Organization, the American Colonization Society. The celebration which has been marked by series of side events will officially be launched this Friday, January 7 in Monrovia.