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Vision became reality in March 2012 for the two dedicated founders of the Mutete HIV/AIDS Foundation (the Foundation), Mr. Bosco Muyango (MBA) and Mr. Endrias Zewde an award winning designer who holds B.S. degree in Graphic Design from La Roche College and M.S. degree in Graphic Communications from Clemson University. Desiring to help those affected by HIV/AIDS, Bosco and Endrias focused on nutritional support and education to alleviate stigma against HIV/AIDS patients and their families. The Foundation sustains that prompting awareness will equip and encourage communities to support their members affected by HIV/AIDS.

La Roche College originally brought the founders together in the early 2000s for the Pacem in Terris program. After graduation and pursuing different careers, Bosco and Endrias reconnected around their passion for social change in 2012. From their personal experiences growing up in Rwanda and Ethiopia respectively, Bosco and Endrias knew how HIV/AIDS could devastate a community, both those infected and their relatives. Their knowledge and passion translated into a mission to provide health education and resources to communities in Eastern Africa.

Although the Foundation took shape in 2012, for Bosco and his brother, Pastor James Muyango, the inspiration began much earlier. They lost both their parents to the AIDS epidemic in the 1990s. Food insecurity made each day a struggle as they fended for themselves. Pastor James and Bosco began donating their salaries in 2004 to children and mothers living with HIV/AIDS. Over time, the brothers decided they could do more than donate; they transferred their first hand knowledge of the disease's social impact to support other AIDS orphans, like themselves, in launching the Foundation.

Similar to the Muyango brothers, Endrias' path to the Foundation began in childhood and with his altruistic spirit. While at school, he noticed one of his peers without lunch day-in and day-out. So Endrias gave his food to his friend. His actions made an impact in for his friend and sparked Endrias' dedication to improve the lives of others. The Foundation knows individuals perform similar acts of kind generosity everyday the world over. Endrias and the Foundation seek to catalyze these deeds over and over again.

The life experiences of the co-founders ground the Foundation's mission. Like the mission, the Foundation derives its name from within the history of its founders: a woman essential to the organization, Muteteri Theopista, mother to Bosco and Pastor James. While her struggle and eventual passing from AIDS left her six children orphans, she triggers an unforeseen ripple through her namesake in every community aided by the Foundation.

With many more future goals, the Foundation first focused on nutritional support and awareness. Partnering with local farmers in Uganda, the Foundation supplied fresh food to over 350 individuals in the Mulago area of Kampala, Uganda's capital. In efforts to support and collaborate with the programs already in place, the founders reached out to local leaders, religious groups, and organizations to solidify HIV/AIDS awareness programs. In 2014, this network reached over 4,000 youth, the majority of whom are in secondary school or university. By investing in the youth, the Foundation is building an aware generation that will have the tools to support its fellows and future families and communities.

Core to the Foundation's mentality/belief system is teaching sustainable knowledge, inspired by the old proverb "if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for the rest of his life." The Foundation will commit to a more sustainable, long-term plan to support the food bank by creating a community garden. Through fundraising efforts and the generosity of many partners, the Foundation purchased 10 acres of land in Nyagasambu, Rwanda. This garden will provide a training ground as individuals learn to grow food for their families, and help break the cycle of dependence on outside resources. By developing an agricultural farming component, the Mutete HIV/AIDS Foundation aims to empower families and their children to create a sustainable living and remain educated about how to change the course for generations to come.




The mission of Mutete HIV/AIDS Foundation is to promote HIV/AIDS awareness, provide compassionate services through delivering nutritional support to people that are affected by HIV/AIDS and do not have access to good food. Additionally, the foundation will work to educate those infected with HIV particularly women in Kampala, Uganda and Kigali, Rwanda.

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