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The motivation behind the Mutete HIV/AIDS Foundation comes from the owners' loss of their parents to AIDS in Uganda during the 1990s. Inspired to help others in the region battle food scarcity in addition to the crippling effects of the disease, the Foundation humbly aims to serve afflicted families in the regions of Kampala, Uganda, and Kigali, Rwanda. The Foundation will also aim to elevate awareness in the local community of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as HIV and AIDS know no bounds and hunger can happen to anyone.

Product and Services Description

The goal of the Foundation is to mitigate the socio-economic impact of HIV and AIDS in communities where the disease is rampant. Separated by only 500 kilometers, the cities of Kampala and Kigali are significant to the Foundation and therefore will be targeted by its charitable efforts. These efforts include:

Food bank
The primary objective of the Foundation is to serve its target market with a food bank that brings nutrition and food service to hungry families battling disease. The Mutete HIV/AIDS Foundation will purchase agricultural products in bulk and will store them in the food bank where families afflicted by HIV and AIDS can visit once a week to procure food for their families.

Community garden
Like the old proverb "if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for the rest of his life," the Foundation will commit to a more sustainable, long-term plan to support the food bank by creating a community garden. This garden will provide a place where individuals can be trained to grow food for their
families and help break the cycle of dependence on outside resources. By developing an agricultural farming component, the Mutete HIV/AIDS Foundation aims to empower families and their children to create a sustainable living and remain educated about how to change the course of the future for generations to come.





The mission of Mutete HIV/AIDS Foundation is to promote HIV/AIDS awareness, provide compassionate services through delivering nutritional support to people that are affected by HIV/AIDS and do not have access to good food. Additionally, the foundation will work to educate those infected with HIV particularly women in Kampala, Uganda and Kigali, Rwanda.

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