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A big international fundraising event - Pittsburgh PA (November 23rd, 2013)


Mutete HIV AIDS Foundation in an effort to shade light on the HIV Aids Patients who go silent whose cries, pain and voices go unheard, and those battling the stigma, hunger and the pain associated with the disease. The event was a success and we thank you for those who came and made their pledge online. We were the voice of the voiceless on the week leading to the world AIDs day, 11/23 at LA Roche College in Pittsburgh.

The event was marked by fun activities, with traditional and cultural dancers from Rwanda and Burundi along with fascinating fashion show.

Stay tune for photos and videos from the event...Coming soon.


A big thank you to our Pittsburgh friends
Mutete HIV/AIDS Foundation's mission can only be successful with the support of friends and family. Our friends and family are our great source of support. On September 7th 2013, our friends and families in Pittsburgh gathered together to support Mutete HIV AIDS Foundation s cause. Our friends and families raised $ 4926 at an evening gathering.





PASTOR JIMMY-----------------------------------$500

ABRAHAM KIFLE----------------------------------$400

*TEKALEGNE GIZAW (T.K.)------------------------$300

JUMA & MWAJUMA MFIZI-------------------------$300

PAUL MASHAMI-----------------------------------$300

*Mr. Tekalegne also contributed 50% of his Spirit of Care award this year from his employer. He continues to be an active voice to our organization.

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A big thank you Reed Smith In Pittsburgh
Reed Smith is one of the leading law firms across the USA and around Europe, Asia and Middle East. On August 19th through 22th 2013, Reed Smith held a Corn Hole tournament at their Pittsburgh Office. The funds raised from the Corn Hole tournament were donated to Mutete HIV AIDS Foundation towards the Food Bank drive to support HIV AIDS patients and families in East Africa.

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Mulago Hospital Project - Uganda
Mutete HIV/Aids Foundation in partnership with La Roche College Pacem in Terris alumns in Uganda reached out to over 80 cancer and 60 Aids patients in Mulago Hospital Uganda on the Aids day 12/1/2012.
The event was marked by distribution of nutritious foods and drinks. We talked to the patients, got to know their personal stories, we were so touched and humbled
by the enormous need they have, ranging from beddings, food, medicine, encouragement, to mention but afew..

A big Thanks goes out to the Mulago Hospital management team, the doctors who are doing a wonderful job to treat the patients within their means.
A special thanks goes out to the Mulago PRO Enock who was so gracious to us and opened the Mulago hospital doors to Mutete HIV/Aids Foundation.
Mutete HIV in partnership with Pacem in Terris alumns and APC ministries will continue to reachout to the Aids and cancer patients in Mulago Hospital.

$10 buys a carton of juice that serves 25 patients a day
$10 buys a carton of milk that serves 25 patients a day
$10 buys bottled water that serves 25 patients a day
$60 buys 50kgs of sugar

We invite you our friends to be part of something bigger than ourselves, we humbly ask that you would give to Mulago hospital project

Sharing hope with a helping hand



The mission of Mutete HIV/AIDS Foundation is to promote HIV/AIDS awareness, provide compassionate services through delivering nutritional support to people that are affected by HIV/AIDS and do not have access to good food. Additionally, the foundation will work to educate those infected with HIV particularly women in Kampala, Uganda and Kigali, Rwanda.

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